Henry Shejbal, Italy

P. maritimum

October 30, 2008

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Attached a photo, taken on 2006-07-31, of P. maritimum growing in a very well drained soil in a pot in my garden.
In Italy it is still abundant along the coasts of Southern Italy and in Liguria. The bulbs look very much like daffodil bulbs, in fact they are cousins from the time when such Amaryllidaceae developed, probably in North Africa, cut off from the humid tropics by the Sahara, adapting themselves to the colder post ice age climate of the Mediterranean basin. This is the only Pancratium available at present as a dormant bulb. The species P. illyricum of Sardinia and Corsica is much sought after but not present on the bulb market yet.
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  Henry (Rome)

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