John McLennan, New Zealand


October 9, 2008

Category: Non-Daffodil

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Hi  Daffnetters,
Thanks for the question replies.
Yes , they are the very beautiful and popular New South Wales [ Australian ] Waratah  —  Telopea  speciosissima
The variety shown is a N Z  selection  Red  Embers
Well done  Steve  Hampson  from Southern California.
They would probably do well in free draining soil in your area.
Pleased that the Hawera connection was noted.
Hawera  5Y Y  is possibly the best known and grown  N Z daffodil overseas.
Dr  W M  Thomson was , I understand , the local Doctor  in Hawera in the 1920,s  30,s and obviously a daff enthusiast and hybridist.
Hawera is also the nearest large town to another great hybridist  —  Spud  Brogden  –continuing the tradition

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