Repairing the ADS Banners

October 18, 2008

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I did not request replacement parts for the broken mounting clips on the top of our set of ADS banners. Then last weekend I went to use them at an all-day Bulb session and one of the staff at the venue hauled out a couple of electrician’s ties and some S-hooks and solved the problem.
Run the tie around the wooden dowel at the top where the clip is located, close the tie, and then use an s-hook to clip the tie to the rod. Easy! I’m packing some ties and s-hooks in the carrying cases. I think this is a much better, and easier, solution than trying to replace those flimsy plastic pieces that will probably continue to break.
And if you pack a couple ties and clips in each of the carrying cases, you always have a backup!
Wish I had thought of this myself!
For what it’s worth,
Bill Lee

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