Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Autumn in bloom in pot

November 23, 2008

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types

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N. viridiflorus. I wish I had patience enough to get more of it in focus! Tom Stettner needs to give me some of his (patience for photographing the wee ones). ;-> I’ll send another photo or two of extreme closeups. Sorry, the green color is washed out by the sunlight coming in the window, too, but I hope you can get an idea of the charm of these tiny flowers. The fully open floret is less than an inch (about 2.25 cm) across.
I saw a good bit of snow falling last Thursday night, no accumulation, but we are having an early cold snap with low 20’s F. one night already.
— Becky Fox Matthews that daffy girl near Nashville

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