Paul Rumkorf, Australia

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December 27, 2008

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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The growing season on the plain in and around Melbourne has been rather difficult this year, this my first full season here.We had a very dry autumn winter and spring, but had a few days of good rain about 2 weeks ago.One late spring frost hit my Orientals and together with the dry conditions, caused some damage.Only one or two OT’S were affected.There were two days of 35C, followed by gale force winds last week, which burnt quite a few blooms We are now on stage 3 water conditions and can hand water twice a week from 6AM TO 8AM and are now being asked to cut back to 150 litres per day per person. How I miss my hobby farm in Tassie with unlimited dam water! Anyway,that’s the bitch and here are a few blooms that you might enjoy. This is a ryirube, seed coming from Joe Hoell and is numbered 03-53 No 1
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