floppy leaves on N. cantabricus

December 24, 2008

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Dear All,
Merry Christman to you all. The pics we’re all being treated to are great. My first N. cantabricus are close to blossoming, but the leaves are pretty floppy. Is that normal?
Thanks, Niels

—–Ursprüngliche Mitteilung—– Von: Brian S. Duncan An:  title= Verschickt: Mi., 24. Dez. 2008, 13:24 Thema: [daffnet] ‘Camoro’ and seedlings

‘Camoro’ bred by Henry and Margaret Taylor is also in bloom at present and is a more pleasing flower that ‘Fyno’  and it has a better stem though it is not so free flowering.
The potted seedlings are flowering for the first time – nothing special in them worth marking. I did not check the crosses on the labels but obviously one parent is ex Morocco.

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