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Good Bulbs – Cheap

December 11, 2008

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I was in my local Smith & Hawken store this weekend and found that some of the Jan Pennings bulbs are being remaindered at good prices. We have snow (though it’s 40F today), and I plan to put some of these in pots.
They are all double nosed and huge. See the pic. The ones at my store were:
Pennings Bulbs at S & H
Goldfinger 1 Y-Y Brian Duncan 1983
Border Beauty 2 Y-R Brian Duncan 1992
Precocious 2 W-P Grant Mitsch 1976
Oregon Snow 2 W-W Grant Mitsch 1991
Royal Princess 3 W-WWR Mrs. J. Abel Smith 1985
My Story (dwarf) 4 W-P Murray Evans 2005
We’re past the planting limits here (did you see my haiku in another post?), but contact me off list if you’re interested in any of these.
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