Old daff gardens in US? HELP !!

February 13, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Ok kids!
After a long chain of events, I am ending up going on Sunday to look at the remains of what is the probably the (Dutch style) oldest bulb garden in Georgia, c. 1785, in Augusta Ga. It USED to be FULL of daffodils!!! edged with blue roman hyacinths and spice pinks. There is a photo of the garden in 1933, when it was still being cared for by the original gardener’s great-great-granddaughter (yes, Jaydee, from the 1933 GCG book). The current owner decided she didn’t like the daffodils, so had them covered with black landscape cloth. Needless to say, I am still not a happy camper with this turn of events~
but this gets to the question:
Are there any other very gardens with bulbs / daffodils from early America still extant? Does anyone know?
I haven’t had time to do any digging about very old gardens in Virginia – i’m sure there are some colonial boxwood gardens still surviving, but that doesn’t mean any bulbs / daffodils survived.
If there are any daffs still surviving under the landscape cloth, I want to be able to make a real pitch to the owner to let me rescue the bulbs as part of early American garden heritage… So the more information I have, hopefully the better I can convince her to let us save a 220-yr-old gem…

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