Drew Mc Farland, Ohio

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March 18, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Showing some of its heritage, Crewenna was my first field daffodil open today.  Nothing else close here at the farm, although a Tete-a-tete greeted me at my office in town this morning.
This is definitely not an example of a good photograph from any aspect, but it was an opportunity to try out one of my Christmas gifts which I think might be of interest to many of you.  It’s a sort of miniature tripod, but made entirely of adjustable joints. 
I’ll follow this email with one containing a couple pictures of it.  It’s about six inches in length and each of the arms can be moved or wrapped into many formations.  There’s a removable tab that can be pre-affixed to the a standard tripod screw hole on most cameras.
I’m thinking this will be very helpful for flower photography whether in the field or on the bench.  The brand name is Joby and I believe this one came from L. L. Bean.
Drew Mc Farland
Granville, Ohio

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