Keith Kridler, Texas


March 4, 2009

Categories: Classics, Daffodil Types

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Ceylon often has mittens for me. Nancy’s first picture is of a fresh bloom it appears. Ceylon’s cup continues to expand quite a bit as it matures. There are some fresh and some mature blooms in this photo. Still it does not look like quite the right petal overlap. It would be nice if people would take photos every 3 or 4 days as the blooms mature. Some petals continue to fill out just as the trumpets continue to change. You see a LOT of difference in a bloom before the pollen is ripe. Then when the pollen is at peak production in the flower and then after the pollen has all fallen off and the flower is basically dead now but the petals and trumpet have still not been notified by the ovaries….Keith Kridler

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