Kirby Fong, California

Fortuna show – Premier Miniature Collection Ribbon winner

March 31, 2009

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The new Premier Miniature Collection Ribbon is for the best collection of 24 miniature daffodils from at least 5 RHS divisions. There were two entries in this class, and here is the winner. It’s hard to see what in what row. There are 9 flowers in the back row, 9 in the middle row, and 6 in the front row. The back row is Minnow 8W-Y, Sundial 7Y-Y, Canaliculatus 8W-Y, Snipe 6W-W, N. alpestris 13W-W, N. cyclamineus 13Y-Y, N. jonquilla stellaris 13Y-Y, N. jonquilla selected form 13Y-Y, and Baby Star 7Y-Y. Middle row is Hawera 5Y-Y, N. fernandesii 13Y-Y, Sabrosa 7Y-Y, N. bulbocodium conspicuus 13Y-Y, Oxford Gold 10Y-Y, China Gold 10Y-Y, Segovia 3W-Y, Segovia 3W-Y, Roundita 1Y-Y, and Exit 3W-W. Front row is 6525-09 2Y-Y (Wee Bee x N. cyclamineus), 6525-09-2 7Y-Y (N. rupicola x N. jonquilla), Minnie 6Y- Y, N. triandrus lusitanica 13Y-Y, N. triandrus triandrus 13Y-Y, N. rupicola 13Y-Y. Nancy Wilson was the exhibitor.
Kirby Fong

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