Kirby Fong, California

Livermore show – Premier Miniature Collection Ribbon winner

March 12, 2009

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There is a new ADS award beginning in 2009 for a collection of 24 miniature daffodils spanning at least 5 RHS divisions. We had two entries at the Livermore show, and the accompanying picture is of the winner exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi. (In case you’re wondering why I didn’t post a picture of the Watrous award winner, it’s because I didn’t get a good photo of it.) There were three Watrous entries, so you should realize there were a lot of miniature daffodils at this show. When I counted the stems in the miniature classes, there were 254. This includes the pot of Otaki Pearl but not the pot of N. willkommii since the species container class permits standard species. If we added the pot of N. willkommii, we’d have an additional 36 miniatures for a total of 290.
Kirby Fong

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