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Murphys show – 12 Miniatures by Hybridizer winner

March 23, 2009

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I conclude the photos of ADS award winners with the winning exhibit by Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe of their 12 miniatures. I encourage everyone to come to the ADS convention at Murphys in 2010 where you will get to see these astounding new miniatures in person. The flowers are 03-019/15 12W-W (Viennese Waltz x N. dubius), Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O, 01-048/1 8Y-W (Perpetuation x N. dubius), 03-036/11 8W-Y (Pink China x N.dubius), 02-012/1 7Y-Y (N. jonquilla 4N O.p.), 03-036/38 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius), 01-072/1 5Y-Y (Acceleration x N. triandrus), 03-041/1 6W-W (Snipe x 99-074), 03-036/33 8W-WPP (Pink China x N. dubius), 03-026/5 12Y-Y (N. assoanus x N. cyclamineus), Puppy Love 2W-P, and 03-036/10 2W-WWP (Pink China x N. dubius). Enough for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post of few of the collections that didn’t earn ADS awards.
Kirby Fong

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