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Murphys show – Havens Ribbon winner

March 23, 2009

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The Havens Ribbon is for the best collection of 12 standard from at least three of RHS divisions 5 though 10. (I should have mentioned in a previous posting that in order to photograph the immovable collections quickly, I used flash which unfortunately casts a strong shadow on the poster board background.) The winning exhibited by Bob Spotts consists of 9-2-101 8W-Y, 9-2-108 8Y-O, 9-2-33 8W-Y, 9-2-107 7W- YYP, 9-1-53 7Y-GYO, 9-2-32 7Y-Y, 9-2-43 7Y-Y, 9-2-50 6Y-Y)), Kokopelli 7Y-Y, 9-2-70 7Y-Y, 9-2-14 5W-Y, and 9-2-71 8Y-Y.
Kirby Fong

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