Kirby Fong, California

Murphys show – Premier Miniature Collection winner

March 23, 2009

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The new premier miniature ribbon is for the best collection of 24 miniatures from a least 5 RHS divisions. Exhibitors of the winning entry were Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe. The flowers are Xica 11aY-Y, 03-036/10 8W-WPP (Pink China x N. dubius), 01-048/1 8Y-W (Perpetuation x N. dubius), 03-036/8 8W-WWP (Pink China x N. dubius), 03-018/5 8Y-Y (Biometrics x N. dubius), 01-036/7 5Y-Y (Acceleration x N. triandrus), 01-036/6 5Y-Y (Acceleration x N. triandrus), 03-036/6 8W-W (Pink China x N.dubius), 03-036/37 2W-P (Pink China x N. dubius), Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O, 03-036/11 8W-Y (Pink China x N. dubius), 03-036/41 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius), 03-036/40 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius), 02-0125/1 8W-W (Rimski x N. dubius), Puppy Love 2W-P, 02-0129/2 8Y-W (Perpetuation x N. dubius), 03-019/15 12W-W (Viennese Waltz x N. dubius), 02-012/3 7Y-Y (N. jonquilla 4N o.p.), 02-0129/1 8W- W (Perpetuation x N. dubius), 02-026/1 7Y-Y (N.jonquilla o.p.), 04-005/1 1W-Y (Gipsy Queen x N. cyclamineus), 03-036/31 2W-P (Pink China x N. dubius), 03-026/3 12Y-Y (N. assoanus x N. cyclamineus), and 01-069/1 5W-W (N. triandrus x N. dubius).
Kirby Fong

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