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Poster Sessions at the Convention

March 24, 2009

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The poster sessions at this year’s convention are a new feature, copied from educational and scientific conventions, which is a low cost, minimal effort means of sharing information, publicizing special interests, and recording activities. In the current jargon, it’s also a low-tech way to do social networking with those in attendance at the convention.

The concept is simple: 
1. Put information, interests, or activities on a piece or pieces of paper. 
2. Put the paper on a poster board and place it where it may be viewed. 
3. Provide a way to get feedback from folks who look at your poster. (Leave an address or a web address or your hotel room number, or post a time you’ll be with the poster.)
Very little energy should be expended on “prettying up” the poster. We want Function over Form here – let’s have the information be the focus of interest. This is not a contest.
And, what constitutes a “poster” is even up to you … a 3-ring notebook or a folio of photos or an 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet or several 3 X 5 cards will do. We should be able to handle a video CD or DVD, and possibly computer media, too. So, stretch out, and be as creative as you wish.
If you’re flying and can’t transport much, then just bring the flat sheets, cards, photos, etc. and mount them when you get to Chicago. We’ll have materials for that purpose – spray mount, scissors, paper cutter, glue, Sharpies and other pens, and things to mount on. 
Let us know ahead of time and we’ll have a piece of light, white cardboard or a piece of foam core or even a 3-fold easel ready for you.
We’ll have the posters on display in the members lounge at the Chicago Botanic Garden, where anyone who drops in will have an opportunity to view your contribution.
We already have more than half a dozen posters promised. We hope you consider adding to the collection.

George Dorner

P.S. These remarks, augmented by your comments and suggestions, will be on the Convention website:

George Dorner

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