Keith Kridler, Texas

Second judges panel

March 9, 2009

Category: Daffodil Enthusiasts

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Dottie Sable is judging in the long sleeve white shirt and was our silver ribbon winner this year. Ann Hibbs is clerking and is our web master, photographer and like Mary Ann Moreland attended/worked at every event TDS put on for the last two years. Ann and her two daughters each won a major award.
Glenda Brogotti in wearing the sunglasses & black shirt and is our expert on Pre 1950’s daffodils. She made two 260 mile round trips each day of the show…It appears that one of the blooms the judges are discussing in this shot is one of hers…..She also is taking the judges school I course. She won several major awards and has memorized every name and year of each historic cultivar normally shown in our area. She is the one who rescued the single bloom jonquil clumps that looks like a division 2. The bloom really looks like a n. Obvalaris is size with a rolled back rim.
Claire Wilkins is one of our judges, she is wearing the plaid jacket and has her back to my wife Sandy as the photo was snapped. We were pointing out to the student judges to be, some of the good and bad points of each of the entries. That is me wearing my bifocals….Obviously I now need trifocals… Keith Kridler

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