wire looping, part 1–card method

March 26, 2009

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That’s helpful, Kirby, if you want a project for a rainy day.
But I just now took a large paper clip, straightened out its long leg, and inserted a paper label 3″ x 1″ first through the junction of the down leg and the up leg and out the other side and it would make a servicable label. Not as polished looking as your looped-wire ones, but workable.
But I am going to stick to my little index card labels. I cut them the size of an address label or a little larger because sometimes I am organized enough to be able to print out the names, div, color code, etc. on an address label. Then I fold the piece of card in half and cut two slits at the crease, which creates a flap through which you can insert the flower stem.
Then I pull the little bar of card stock that is freed back far enough that I can insert the flower stem and press the label on. The label then stays pretty securely with the stem no matter how your exhibits get moved around. Of course if you don’t have labels, you can write on the card. Bill Lee
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