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March 30, 2009

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Dear Sara…
I just read your article on-line that was published in Southern Edition.  It is a fabulous article that shows many hours of investigative effort on your part, which I am confident was very time consuming, but highly rewarding.  No one could have done a better job!  I hope that everyone on Daffnet will take the time to go to the web-site, www.southerneditions.com, and read the full article.  I am just sorry that you were unable to uncover documentation that some of Virginia’s earliest settlers may have been the first to bring “Yellow Fever” to Jamestown and Williamsburg back in the 17th century!  However, in spite of the predominance of boxwood that surround almost all of the early plantations in Virginia, the first recorded ones to arrive in the New World ‘landed’ in New York!
Also, congratulations for your outstanding efforts in establishing ADS Display Gardens.  This is an effort that deserves the assistance of every ADS member in order to increase the awareness of our Society.

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