Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand


August 30, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing

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Hello All,


Brian has suggested that the discussion on line breeding should end.  However several people have asked for definitions so here is one that is accepted by bloodstock breeders and applies well to us.


Inbreeding is what is referred to as incest in humans – parent to offspring or crossing two siblings or uncle – niece  etc.


Line Breeding is using parents who have common ancestors often two or more generations back which have the attributes that hybridisers are trying to reproduce in their seedlings.   This may be colour, size etc but also using varieties known for high health and vigour,  As mentioned before John Lea used this method with great success – he rarely made more than 30 crosses per annum and look what he produced.  For examples of line breeding look up Lea varieties on Daffseek especially his red cups.


For my own part like many Kiwis I back the horse both ways (for a win and Place) thus increasing the chance of a dividend!  So I use both line breeding and deliberate out-breeding.


We are having an appalling Spring here – doesn’t matter what kind of breeding you use no daffodils will withstand 140km wind with heavy rain and bouts of hail thrown in.  Trees have been blown over at our neighbours and for the first time ever my heavy covers have blown off.  Also a first is stems breaking at the base and the flowers being thrown several feet away.  Les and I have been braving all of this in the few fine breaks trying to get some flowers in for the next two weeks of showing.  Beyond that we will have few if any blooms to come.   Very frustrating but as my Dad used to say there’s always next year.





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