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Emailing: Bonnie’s Gem, Narc.pannizianus

August 19, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Intermediates, Miniatures

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Oooops, next day just realised I goofed, I must have pushed the wrong button.
The funny pictures were meant personally for Brian.
My apologies, just hope I did not upset to many members.
Bill (very contrite)
OK, back to the more mundane business of showing some more pictures that are in flower at the moment
Bonnie’s Gem is a nice, beautiful, smooth intermediate yellow and orange daffodil by Noel McIsaac I believe.
I don’t think he ever registered this variety, a very nice flower just the same.
Narc.pannizianus, is a very small, interesting, almost miniature like species, that was given to us by Max Hamilton.
Again very prolific showy species when flowering, and produces plenty of seed.
Spring has well and truly arrived, plenty of miniatures bursting out all over the place.
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Bonnie’s Gem

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