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R: to nomenclature problems

August 4, 2009

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Sorry, I did not express myself well:

    I just meant to say that I also understood that pants included in  Amaryllidaceae have normally an inferior ovary while Liliaceae have a superior one.

  Henry (Rome)

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 Hi John,

Thank you for your explanation. I have one question. I always thought the Amayllidaceae is a perennial herb from a bulb, the leaves are juncus or ensiformus. The flowers are conspicuous with a 6-parted perianth, 6 stamens, one stigma and a inferior tricarpellate ovary. The fruit is a capsule. Is this incorrect?


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These three families do share some basic characteristics, the inflorescences with subtending bracts (spathes) and the superior ovary are two in particular.


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