Transplant Olympics in Queensland

August 23, 2009

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Dear Friends ‘Down Under’…
The Transplant Olympics is due to start in Queensland today (whenever that is local time…it’s Sunday, August 23rd at 1:59 PM EST here in Richmond, Virginia) and a very dear friend, Anne Kirchmier from Fredericksburg, Virginia who is 50 years of age and received a heart transplant 2 years ago is competing in a number of events.  Anne’s husband, Dr. R. S. Kirchmier, Jr., is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who grew up two houses away from us. His dad, our kid’s pediatrician many, many years ago, is one of our best friends.  I hope that some of our friends in the world of daffodils will be able to be present for these games and, if so, try to meet Anne and R.S., they’re a fantastic couple.
Regards to all,
Ross A. Hotchkiss, President
Virginia Daffodil Society
Richmond, Virginia USA 

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