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November 1, 2009

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Thank you John,

Exactly what needs to be said

The cultivar ‘Mrs R.O. Backhouse’ being such a novelty found its way to Holland where it was grown by the thousands – this is where the first stage of confusion arises.  The Dutch were known to have bred from it and I do not think I would be wrong in assuming that ‘Mrs R.O. Backhouse’ suffered from what I would call the “King Alfred Syndrome”, that is any White pink look alike would suddenly become the cultivar ‘Mrs R.O. Backhouse’.

We need to have more venues encouraging people
who do not understand how to show daffodils
I think it was my second show where I entered
5 Falstaff type flowers(from the same clump)
in a collection of five- I may have had five or six different
cultivars in bloom altogether- I seem to recall that
most of my encouragement came from the fact
that the flowers came back the next year.
Kate Reade’s catalog was also very intriguing.

John Beck

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