Margaret Seconi, New Zealand

Soil conditioners response

February 10, 2010

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Planting, Soil

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Thankyou all for reminding me of the basics for conditioning my newest bed.
Gypsum works well for me here and I have several bags of silver birch, liquid amber and maple leaves stacked beside it under the old plum tree so will utilise them too. This regime worked well to give me a good loam on my older beds especially as I add lime,clean river sand  & potash at planting time as recommended by Jack Stalker many years ago.
My husband, George, says a big thankyou too as he has been saved a morning’s work moving bought material around. We’ve had a light drizzling rain (5mm) over night so the garden is looking happier today.
Kindest regards
Margaret Seconi

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