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to: Daffies and Dahlias and Glads – oh my!

February 10, 2010

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Dear Franck,

 It was with great pleasure that I visited the beautiful site which you indicated in your email to DaffNet.

 As you will be able to see in the page http://www.floriana.ws/FACILE/SENTIERO_VERDE/P/foto/descrizione_T_V/descrizione_T_V/Dahlia/giardini/giardini_dalie.htm,

so far I was unable to include a slideshow of Dahlias in the United States. It would be very nice if you could give the permission to use some of your images for such a presentation. What I would need would be pictures ideally of the size 600 x 450 pxs, not only of single cultivars but also of overall views of the growing grounds. Of course a link to the source will show next to the slide show – in the same way as has been done for the other locations. To see the single slideshows, please click on the small pictures.

The main dahlia page http://www.floriana.ws/FACILE/SENTIERO_VERDE/P/P_T_tabella_Dahlia.htm is part of my online guide to geophytes, which is still in preparation but quite a few genera have already been included (http://www.floriana.ws/FACILE/SENTIERO_VERDE/A_P_da_vedere_engl.htm).

I do hope you will be willing to help me with this.

In this moment I am working on the Canna pages. Would you be able to suggest someone willing to share images of these plants?

Kind regards


the scope: http://www.floriana.ws/FACILE/introduzione_engl.htm

the author: http://www.floriana.ws/FACILE/autore.htm

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