Tom Stettner, Ohio

Winter Snow scenes

February 10, 2010

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Weather and Temperature

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Thanks Nancy for catching this photo not going to Daffnet.
as an update to the below, I have received about 12 inches of snow as of this morning, Wednesday February 10. The most impacting thing about this snow, is that it was blowing horizontally as you can see on the trees.
This photo here was taken just outside my new front door. This is facing the driveway that goes down hill to the left. The other views are simply of the forest of large trees. It’s a beautiful sight. The trees  are so large and SO MANY of them, that I just come up to the house and stand. Just looking around at the trees and getting lost in creation. I Love all creation and the more nature I see, the more amazed I am.

While we are sending photos of the weather, Here in Cincinnati Ohio, about 1 hours drive from Columbus, we have received from 4 to 6 inches of snow with another inch or so predicted by morning.
I’ve attached a photo taken from my new front door out into the front yard looking into the woods that I call the Enchanted Forest. It’s an astounding view in this kind of snow.

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Donna Dietsch wrote:

Nice picture, Vijay.  This is from someone who hates snow.
I’d rather be planting, too.  By this time tomorrow, we will have had almost 18 inches.  That’s not a record for Columbus, but it’s way above average.  I’m thinking about not shoveling and just waiting for the spring thaw.

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