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In Bloom Here & N. cant. petunoides

January 27, 2011

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Seedling, Species

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Loved Mike Berrigan’s photo of the petunioid form of N. romieuxi from Jane McGary! Nice. There are a lot of really great daffodils (most especially Miniatures and Species) floating around in the rock garden world.

N. cantabricus ssp. cantabricus var. petunoides is starting into flower here in Greenhouse #3. A heck of a long name but such a lovely flower. The white is very white (approaching poeticus white) and the flowers have a crystalline “diamond dusting”. All in all it is a most beautiful and distinctive species. This particular batch is from seed. The biggest downside to this lovely species, in my opinion, is that the flowers always seem to be down in the leaves. It does seem to produce a fair number of leaves
I also have a seedling from ‘Rjeinveld’s Early Sensation’ in flower, outdoors! I guess that the daffodil flag should be attached to the flagpole but not raised yet. Few tips are through the ground in the main fields.
With apologies to most of the rest of the USA, where many are clearly in a deep freeze.
Steve Vinisky

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