Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

N. cant. petunoides 2 – Jack Romine Form

January 30, 2011

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My initial bulb came as a tiny, expensive, little offset that the late Jack Romine donated for auction to the Northern California Daffodil Society Bulb Sale in the early 1980s. At that time, Narcissus cantabricus petunoides (either seed or bulbs) was hard, if not absolutely impossible to find. It was selected from a seed batch raised by Jack. His full flowered pot of this Clone was featured on the cover of the Journal in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
Jack had managed to get two initial bulbs. One came from the small patch that the late Polly Anderson had next to her pool house. The second bulb was from expert California bulb grower, the late Wayne Roderick. Jack crossed the two and raised a batch of around 60 seedlings. This clone was selected by Jack and propagated from this group.
The remainder of the non-selected seedlings were used by Jack for his polyploid conversion experiments using the extremely toxic, tetragenic poison, Colchicine. At this time Jack had quite some success converting things to higher ploidy using Colchicine. I remember he had converted Daylilies, Swiss Chard (that was honestly four foot tall), and several flats in the greenhouse of converted Cineraria. I think his success rate with daffodils was not as good. He soaked, dipped, sprayed and even injected: whole bulbs, cut bulbs and twin scales. A few years later a number of us were given three small bulbs of the remaining (over half died from the Cholchicine treatment) small seedlings. None, as far as I know, ever expressed higher ploidy.
This is NOT registered with a clonal name but probably could be. I find it to be quite stable and very uniform. In my opinion, it is a really nice example of the type.

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