Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Previous Jackson Convention & ‘Doak’s Stand’

January 2, 2011

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Seedling

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I am so looking forward to this years convention in Jackson, Mississippi!
My recollection of the previous convention held in Jackson was that it was one of the best. Great garden tours, a superb National Show, outstanding flowers, true Southern hospitality and generally a rip roaring good time. I do recall that your lovely and impressive ‘Doak’s Stand’ was noted on tour and in the show. It moved right to the top of many Judges and Exhibitors “must have” list after this convention.
One of the winning collections (as I recall either exhibited by Loyce McKenzie or Ruth Pardue, sorry I’m not sure) was one of the highest overall point scored collections I’ve ever had the honor to judge. That was a true privilege. I do remember being struck by the overall high quality of the flowers. I will greatly miss seeing and laughing with the late Miss Eve Robertson, Weldon Childers, Martha Anderson, Leslie Anderson and several others that helped make this convention so much fun.
My bet is that this years convention and show will have a slew of new Miniatures, a large number of rarely seen historics, a goodly number of seedlings, along with a few surprises. Truly wouldn’t miss this convention for anything!
With Best Wishes for a Fine New Year.
See you in Jackson!, Steve

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