Tragedy in Tuscan

January 9, 2011

Category: Societies and groups

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I got this e-mail  from the Rhododendron Group Member  and thought it should be shared.

This is a small world after all;

  A 9 year old girl  born on Sept 11, 2001 is gone from this speck of dust that we call Earth.  Some of us in the Azalea Society or the Rhododendron Society might be aware that this young beautiful girl’s name is Green..
  Some of us in the Society might have listened to her grandmother’s chat on the busses or talked with her during the numerous tours that we as members took during our annual conventions.  Some of us also met her grandfather as well during those conventions ;   I for one  know who that little girl was — rest in peace little one. 
  Tadeusz- Lake Michigan Chapter ASA– and member of American Rhododendron Society.

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