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February 4, 2011

Category: Non-Daffodil

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Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas The first post was too big with both photos. Here is our back yard that goes with the last post. KK
It is now officially time to write off the Texas Daffodil show that was scheduled to be held in just 30 days. Normally to make a good show many of our members are cutting blooms and holding them over in refrigerators in order to fill out the most basic of collections.
Before this last blast of 6″ of snow for the very first time I was seeing entire clumps of various jonquil hybrids that have burned off foliage all the way to the ground. The top 10 inches of the foliage looks/looked fine but the area from ground level up about 1″ on the new, fast growing, mostly yellow stems froze solid, burst and split. Then they have fallen over and the green tops were drying up like day old grass clippings…..
Our problem was and is NOT the cold temperatures during this past week but the multiple days when temperatures went from the middle to high 70’s*F up to 25*C and then down to 10*F or -12*C with 50 MPH winds in just a matter of hours.
And then to think we are now 37 days away from ADS National. It is a shame we daffodil folks do not display our blooms in wine bottles or pint whiskey bottles as at least it would be more fun preparing new bottles for the Texas show that will be pretty bare…MAYBE we can just switch to a huge photo contest…..Keith Kridler in snowy North East Texas due west of the ADS national show by 250 miles….

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