Barbara and Len Weber, Oregon

Portland ODS show 2011

April 4, 2011

Category: Show Results

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In Kirby’s first email about the Portland ODS show Apr.2-3 he said that the show was at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. This was one of the ponds in the garden very near the building where the daffodils were shown.  In this pond was this Wood Duck skittering around:  not cooperative at all.  The rhododendrons had not treated us with their blossoms except for one very large red one that stood some 20 feet or more up towards the sky.  However, it was a very beautiful place with waterfalls, small streams and early-season color from many shrubs and plants  including trilliums.  The large lake had many different kinds of ducks to help make the garden beautiful any time of year. If you are in Portland, come see this garden.

Steve V.  Thanks for getting the idea to have a show here and then carrying through with all the work and details required for a successful show!!!!!!


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