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ADS SEP Daffodil Journal delivery problems

October 29, 2011

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Friends, when I sent out the notice on Daffnet about the fiasco about the
internationally bound SEP Journals, I had no idea that so many across the US
had not received their copies. I had responses from people all across the
US, reporting their SEP Journal had not yet arrived. FYI, a CA member just
received their SEP Journal, yesterday, OCT 28th. So I checked in with the
mailing service that the printer uses in Jackson. I sent them the mail data
on WED morning OCT 5th. I send this data as soon as I am notified that the
printer has completed its part of this complex dance, so as to have the most
up to date data as possible. My contact at the mailing service says they
delivered the prepared Journals to the USPS – Jackson, MS Bulk Mail Entry
Unit on FRI 7 OCT. Since serving as Executive Director, this is as long as
I have known it to take for the Journal to be delivered by USPS. Perhaps
the USPS well publicized woes are already having an impact on mail delivery
services and employee morale? I am asking that all of you in the US. that
notified me that your Journal had not arrived, to please give it another few
days before you ask me to send you a replacement. This past week I received
3 copies of the Journal, from USPS, which were being returned due to change
of addresses (we pay extra for USPS to return those to us, so we can have
the new address data). The original destinations for those three Journals
were, MO, VT, and OH. So the delivery problems seem to be widespread across
the country.

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