Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

N. triandrus pulchellus x N. tri. aurantiacus

February 24, 2012

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This is a pot of V03-20 which is a group of non selected (still a Grex) seedlings from: N. triandrus pulchellus x N. tri. aurantiacus. This illustrates a Primary cross made within a Section. That is, made between species contained within Section Ganymedes. None of the strong reverse from the N. t. pulchellus is evident nor is any of the pale orange from the N. t. aurantiacus.

The N. t. pulchellus parent was very well formed but the N. t. aurantiacus I have raised is pretty poor as far as both form and color and is mostly single flowered. As I have found with almost all Primary crosses made here, there is not a huge amount of variation. Some cups are a little rounder, some a little longer, some petals are a little less twisted (as in the miserable forms I have of N.t. aurantiacus), some petals a little flatter. In general though, they all look about the same. There are about 40-50 of the siblings from this cross outside in the Miniatures beds and they too look about the same as those in the photo below. Only two seedlings out of around 70 flowered have ever had more that one flower per stem. Another poor habit (that clearly seems dominant) of the N. t. aurantiacus that I possess.

It is in future generations (F2 and beyond) where, in theory, the reverse coloration and/or the orange color along with the superior form of the N. t. pulchellus might be retrieved.


Steve Vinisky


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