Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Four day daffodil Season

March 31, 2012

Category: Show Results

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Dear Daffnet,


In my short 17 years of raising and showing daffodils this have been a season to remember… and hope it doesn’t happen again.


I heard a long time ago that Daffodil growers and showers spend 11 months in anticipation for that one month daffodil season of disappointment. LOL


However, this is ridiculous. I’d take the one month daffodil season this year.


Four days and it was over. I brought tired daffodils to our show in Barco, NC on March 24th. On March 28th I brought exceedingly tired and well over the hill daffodils to Gloucester, VA. When I returned home, my daffodil beds were like six weeks after the bloom season. All bloomed out and over.


My best daffodils this year were when I was teaching a staging class in Barco, NC on February 25. My garden was ready for a show “right” then.




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