Kirby Fong, California

Livermore show – Purple Ribbon winner

March 5, 2012

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The Purple Ribbons is awarded to the best collection of 5 standard daffodils, excluding the
Historic collection of five. Please note that this is the new definition of the Purple Ribbon
passed by a motion of the ADS board of directors last fall. Previously, the American-Bred
and Reverse Bicolor collections (and international collections at the national show) were
excluded. Now, all but the Historic collection are eligible. Since the words on the ribbon
said it was the best 5-stem collection, it was reasonable to make the award mean what
the ribbon said. The winner was the intermediate collection exhibited by Steve Hampson.
The flowers are:

Bonnie’s Jewel 2Y-YOO
Peachy Keen 2Y-Y
Reg Nicholl 2Y-YYR
Biometrics 2Y-O
Pink Charm 2W-P

In collections, I give the names for the top or back row first, followed by rows that are
lower or nearer the front. This particular exhibit has three flowers in the back row and
two in the front row.

Kirby Fong

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