Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Miniature 5Y-Y

April 25, 2012

Categories: Daffodil Types, Miniatures, Seedling

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This is V06-190-29 = N. triandrus subsp. lusitanicus (syn. N. triandrus subsp. triandrus var. concolor) x N. fernandesii. Obviously s 5Y-Y that is of a style such as ‘Fairy Chimes’ but more petite and with a more shallow corona. The color is a strong, dark yellow. The stem height is about 8″ tall.

The N. triandrus was the seed parent. The progeny have almost no scent or fragrance. In other crosses of this style (like ‘April Tears’, ‘Dainty Monique’ etc.) with the Section jonquillaspecies almost always being the seed parent, the fragrance is notable.


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