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2012 North Island National Show

October 12, 2012

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The 2012 North Island National Daffodil Show was held in Hamilton, New Zealand. The show registration included Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night dinners plus a visit to the fields of Graham Phillips, Graeme & Faith Miller, and Peter Ramsay on Saturday. As the NDS Daffodil tour took our tour group to Rotorua for a day trip on Sunday, I had only late Friday afternoon to take photos of the daffodils at the show. That taught me to skip the tour on the third day of the South Island National Daffodil Show in order to get a thorough look at the show.  So here are just a few photos. First we have the Champion of the show, ‘Jamore,’ exhibited by Denise and Neil McQuarrie.







I didn’t have time to photograph all the premiers, but that’s okay since Ron and Margaret Tyrrell did. Perhaps one of the premiers that I photographed was the Reserve Champion, but I neglected to mark it as such in my log book. Anyway, here are a couple flowers for you fans of the upper divisions. The first is seedling LQ-38. The hybridizer name was not given, but the naming convention looks like Wilf Hall’s. The exhibitors were Ron and Margaret Tyrrell, and the flower was the premier Division 7 flower.







Here’s another flower that was not a premier. It is a newly registered cultivar named ‘Renworth’ 5W-W hybridized by Tony Robinson and registered and exhibited by Wilf Hall.







As mentioned above, we spent Saturday visiting three of the growers in the Hamilton area. The first was Graham Phillips. He and Jason Delaney are looking at daffodils in Graham’s field.






Next to be visited were Graeme and Faith Miller. You can see that Graeme uses a lot of shade cloth to protect his daffodils from the elements. Here he’s talking to Trevor Rollinson, the chairman of the organizing committee for the World Daffodil Convention in Dunedin.






The third stop on the tour was to visit Peter and Lesley Ramsay. Peter was discussing something with Alistair Davey whom the tour would later visit on the South Island. I was too far away to hear the conversation, but the picture suggests Peter must be discussing a flower he holds in high regard.






Check the NDS web site for Ron and Margaret Tyrrell’s photos of the North Island National premiers. The next (fourth) post will be about tour stops in Normanby and Ohau.

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