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Editing a Post and Images in the post

January 4, 2013

Category: General

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When you are logged on to daffnet, you can make changes to a post you previously wrote by viewing the post and clicking the “Edit Post” menu item on the top dark grey bar at the top of your Daffnet screen.

One of the less intuitive features of post editing is that you can also add, delete, or edit existing images.

You add images by moving your mouse cursor to the area in the post text you where you want the new image to be placed, then clicking it once to fix the cursor at that spot.  Then you can add new images by using the “Upload/Insert” or “Add new Media” button.

You can also do sophisticated image editing on existing images using features on the “Upload/Insert” or “Add new Media” button.

There is a simpler way to do editing and deleting of images within the post.

When you edit a post, you can also do minor editing of photos in the post. If you place your mouse cursor on the small photo and click it, you will see two icons at the top left. The scenery one is for editing the photo, add captions, titles, etc. The right icon is the photo delete button, which will remove your photo from your post.

Top left photo:  before click

Top right photo: after one mouse-click

Bottom left photo:  Click the “edit Image” icon to add titles, captions, etc

Right photo:  Click the “delete image” icon to remove the photo from the current post.

Note that when a photo is deleted from a post it is still available in your media library.

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