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2013 Fortuna California Show – Kathy Leonardi Memorial

March 25, 2013

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Kathy Leonardi was a integral part of the the Fortuna Garden Club for many years.  She was an ADS judge and an ADS judges instructor as well and I greatly enjoyed judging with her and appreciated her confidant and happy personality.  She was really fun to see, talk to, and just to be with.

Kathy’s daughter honored her this spring with a wonderful display of photos from Kathy’s life.  I have included photos of that display and a close up of the poem Kathy wrote which I feel epitomizes her feelings about nature and gardening.  You can see from the photos that Kathy must have started showing daffodils fifty years ago, so that is dedication.

Kathy enjoyed teaching, showing and judging daffodils as well as creating artistic floral arrangements.  Her daughter dedicated a special plaque to be awarded for ” The Most Creative Use of Daffodils” in the design competition.  This is so appropriate because Kathy would get very excited about inventive designs and new daffodil cultivar introductions.





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