Graham Fleming, Australia

Flowering in Canberra – Part 11

September 16, 2013

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I managed to do a little hybridising before the rain settled in for most of the day. I suspect Bob Spotts got a little wet today if he was off viewing more daffodils.

The giant bulbocodiums dwarf our miniatures. While the flower is huge so is the stem. It is probably Olumbo (one of Rod Barwick’s flowers) x  Clays’ Gold. Olumbo is large and sets seeds for us more readily than its sibling. The stems on the giant bulbocodiums are as impressive as the flowers themselves.

The Jonquilla hybrid is probably fertile.

Box with some giant KB hybrid bulbocodiumsKB 11W-P with amazing color KB intermediate 11W-Y late season KB small jonquilla hybrid KB's biggest ever giant bulbocodium hybrid as seen by Bob Spotts on his visit Miniature KB miniature 8Y-O growing next to the giant bulbocodiums Past its prime but it is a Fernandesii x Bulbocodium hybrid from KB

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