Lynn Slackman, Missouri

Identifying names with smiling faces

December 11, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General, Societies and groups

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I received this wonderful photo of members who attended the ADS Midwest Regional meeting this year.

ADS Midwest Regional Meeting

ADS Midwest Regional Meeting

This is a lively group of daffodil enthusiasts, who contribute greatly to the encouragement of widespread interest in daffodils.

While I do recognize quite a few people, I do not know the names of many people in the photo.  Please click on the photo to get a better view of everyone.

I’m hoping that some our daffodil friends on DaffNet, or ADS members from the Midwest Region, can offer some assistance with putting names with the smiling faces in this photo.

Thanks in advance for your participation…Lynn Slackman

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