Phyllis Hess, Ohio

Our friend Jill

January 28, 2014

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General

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Good afternoon friends;

Just a note to let you know our friend Jill fell while in Hawaii and suffered a fracture in her back; of course she was in much pain but the nurses there attributed the pain to the end stages of her cancer.  Paul had American Express  insurance so they were able to fly her home on a private plane. Just Paul, Jill, 2 pilots and 2 Doctors.  Jill said it was a very long ride. When she got home and got an xray they found out about fracture. I am sure she would appreciate getting your cards and letters. Jill Griesse, 2640 North St; Granville OH 43023.

She is in hospice care now; in a great deal of pain; Betty and I visited with her last Friday; she looked good however. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please.

I just spoke with Jill’s daughter; she said her Mom was resting and they were trying to keep it quiet so she could maybe regain some strength. She also said she knew Jill would appreciate any mail she received.



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