George Dorner, Illinois

Spring in Chicago

May 16, 2014

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This weekend is the usual plant sale event for many local garden clubs. I planned to finish the potting for the ones I participate in, many tomatoes, peppers, native plants, zinnias, marigolds, etc. having been set out to harden. On the front patio were the unusual petunias and small annuals I picked up over the past couple of weeks for the pots I set in my driveway. We’re in the death throes of our very late daffodil season, though I’ve hardly seen any poets yet.  But I also planned to survey and record what daffodils did and what did not grow well this year. I awoke with anticipation of a full day of gardening, surrounded by the beautiful flowering crabs, pears, and other spring delights.

Lo and behold: Snow! Great big fluffy snowflakes coming straight down and dashing all the enthusiasm beyond getting the pots to the sale points.

On the way to pick up the newspaper from the driveway, I noticed a beautiful clump of Bravoure, still full, and just in front of some huge red tulips with the flakes melting almost as soon as they strike.

I think I’ll start a fire in the fireplace.





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