Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Short Daffodil Season

April 8, 2015

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General

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This has been an extremely short season in my daffodil “Patch.”  We had frozen cold up until three days before our local show, and then we had 60 “F” degree weather 24 to 26 March that got the blooming started. The shows begin on March 28th with the Barco, NC Show, followed by the GCV in Winchester, VA on the 31st of March and 1st of April and the VDS show in Richmond on the  3/4th.  That was three shows from Saturday to Saturday, and one to go the ADS National Show in Williamsburg, VA.  Make that two weeks.  I had to stretch to get enough daffodils for Barco, and ‘Aspasia’ 8W-Y is in full bloom and as it is my latest blooming daffodil it tells me that the end has come for 2015.  The daffodil season is over after two short weeks with the 70’s and 80 “F” degree weather we are having now. Even though I have blooms to take to Williamsburg, I will be showing my late daffodils. Bloomed out in Harbinger, NC.



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