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Flowering in Canberra today

August 7, 2016

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing, Seedling

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While it has been cold and wet in recent times Canberra had a very warm autumn. The result is a lot of things opening earlier than normal. While it is still winter our garden looks more like early spring.
This is the first part of photos of what is flowering now.

1y y on a very tall stem edited 1

A micro mini 1y y flowering in our garden that has very prostrate foliage

A small intermediate 6y y bred from papa snoz edited 1

A very pale yellow miniature triandus hybrid flowering in early august in our north facing side garden bed

Another 6y y miniature in the front garden

Another pot of kb 6y y's flowering in the daffodil paddock

Another top quality micro miniature 1y y flowering in the daffodil paddock

Box of bulbocodium hybrids flowering

Intermediate 6w y seedling edited 1

Kb 2w y seedling edited 1

Kb 6w y seedling that has a flower that is intermediate sized on a very dwarf stem edited 1

Kb micro mini 6w y seedling opening edited 1

Kb mini 6y w seedling edited 1

Kb mini 6y y seedling flowering the front garden edited 1

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