my early blooms

February 16, 2017

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Sunday feb14,  my first bloom was festivity 1w-y.  Today 2-16 ormeau has a bloom.    Way,way tooearly for both.  Some of the trumpt majors known also as early virginia or lenten lily havestarted to bloo at  my church..  Ill photograph these later when they come out more.   These, trumpet majors, generally start to bloom mid feb ormid march.  They have spread in, down around under english ivy in a ravine.  Im sure this location iswhy theyhavebeen spared,.    Later in seasonpoeticuc recurveous bloom in this same location…   i have no idea howtbey got there.  Just been thereall my life.  Church is a colonial church…parish dates back to1690.

I enjoy seeing everyone ‘s daffodil…see you in march.   Ceci

Ps excuse typing …i only have a mini tablet and index finger typing is so so different from touch typing.


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