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2018 Niles Michigan Show Winners

April 30, 2018

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This show, hosted by Dan Bellinger and the members of the Indiana Daffodil Society was put on at Fernwood Botanic Garden & Nature Preserve in Niles Michigan, only a few miles from John Reed. Since the season was greatly delayed, only the very earliest of things were opening on show day, so they had to rely on visitors from other states and parts of the midwest to help fill up the show.

It was a good time for sure.

Photos below. Stay tuned for the next, and last show winners photos from the show at Joe Hamms place in Washington PA.

I’m starting to have yellow fever withdrawl already. 🙁

The Gold Ribbon Winner for the best single stem standard in show, Chippewa by Sue Luken.

The White Ribbon for the best 3 stem collection. World Peace, by Jim and Janet Wilson.

The Mini Gold for the best single stem mini in show, Little Kibler, by Sara Kinne.

The Mini White ribbon for the best 3 stem mini in show. Segovia by Diane Daleuski Cockerham

The Lavender Ribbon winner for the best 5 stem mini in show. Exhibited by Jean Lager with the flowers of: Hawera, Segovia, Sabrosa, Xit & tiny bubbles.

the Watrous award winner by Suzy Suzy Smucker Wert

The Intermediate single stem winner, Pink China.

The Small Grower Ribbon. Salome’ exhibited by Frank Vonder Meulen.

The Rose Ribbon for the best seedling in show. Milestone Open Pollenated.

The Historic Single Stem winner, Penpol, by Katie Bartunek.

The Purple Ribbon for the best 5 stem standard collection in show was Sara Kinne’s nice div 5s collection.

Red White and Blue by JR Blanton with flowers of: Colonial White, Sun & Moon, Beauty Tip, Ole’ and Fox Fire.

The Maroon Ribbon winner, by Sue Luken with the flowers of: Charles’s Pride, Lime Bay, Chelan, Mocking Bird & Canary.

Historic 5 Stem, by Sara Kinne, sorry but I didn’t get the names. looks like a few are well known. Sweetness, Earlicheer, Beryl, and the top right is “Goblet”.

The 5 stem intermediate winner, exhibited by Sara Kinne with flowers of: Sunset Sonata, Solera, Pink Sunday, Rimski & Little Ruby.

The 3 stem Historic Winner, Niveth, By Sue Luken.

The 3 stem intermediate winner, Rimski, by Sue Luken.

The Throckmorton award exhibited by Diane Daleuski Cockerham. A 1st time win !!

The Havens Award, 1st time win!!!, by Jim and Janet Wilson

The Bozievich Award, exhibited by Sara Kinne.

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