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March 2018 Daffodil Journal

April 10, 2018

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Dear Daffodil Friends,

It was wonderful to see many of you this past weekend in Nashville. I hope you have had safe travels and enjoyed the National Convention and Show.

Due to last minute problems with the technical and design side of production, the March 2018 issue of The Daffodil Journal was only recently mailed out. The good news is that it should be waiting for you when you get home from Nashville.

The bad news is that the caption for the front cover was not updated to match the photo. The correct caption for the gorgeous seedling on the front cover is “Rose Ribbon Winner at the 2018 Livermore Daffodil Show. Seedling 1-54 7W-WWG. Exhibited by Bob Spotts. Photo by Kirby Fong.”

I would like to extend my congratulations and humblest apologies to Bob Spotts, who did not receive proper credit for his seedling featured on the cover, and to Kirby Fong, who did not receive credit for his photograph.

Those of you curious about the seedling that was mistakenly included in the caption, Seedling YF-02, 11 W/O/W-O, exhibited by KHH (Koopowitz, Hampson, and Howe), winner of the Novel Seedling Award at the Fall Blooming Show in Cincinnati, can find photographs in the following two daffnet posts.

Some Miniatures at the Cincinnati 2017 Fall Daffodil Show

2017 ADS Fall Forum Flower Show & Winners

Congratulations to Harold, Steve, and Marilynn on the award and the flower. It is a fascinating miniature that I hope we see more of.

Once again, I apologize for the lateness and the confusion. We will run a correction and apology in the June issue as well.

Speaking of which, please remember that the deadline for articles and columns for the June issue is April 15th! If you are going to miss the deadline, please call or email to make alternate arrangements. Thank you for your kindness and understanding and best wishes to all for a bright and colorful spring.


Jolene Laughlin, Editor
The Daffodil Journal

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